10 Tips to Decorate Home like a Celebrity, Courtesy of Expert Interior Designer

Many times, when we watch our favorite TV show or movie then we get fascinated by the home decoration of the celebrity’s home. Theme and style of their room is quite fascinating for us. We love to copycat their home theme and design but it is indeed a hard job. Today, I’m here with 10 expert tips given by top Hollywood interior designer Kara Smith. you would be able to decorate home like a celebrity if you follow these tips as they are. Home Décor Tip No.1 Develop Your Home Theme Theme is just like a plan, if you don’t have a plan then you won’t be able to reach to your goal. Instead of buying multiple different items for your room or home décor, you need to set a monochromatic theme in your mind and then to buy the things according to this theme. Smith tells, “Decide what vibe you want for your entire home. “Start with the big plan: What’s the story you’re trying to tell? What should it say? Whether it’s inspired by a place or passion, the overall theme keeps the [look] cohesive. Each room should speak to it in a different way.”
Home Décor Tip No.2 Ready to Take Risks Decorating a home like celebrity is indeed a big task and it involves many risks. I don’t say that you have to try something really dangerous. Risks can be described here as taking some big steps or making some big change into your home. Smith advises, “Use bold colors, unusual textures and statement pieces,” Smith says. Bold colors furniture, rugs, carpet, etc would be a good option. Try sheepskin for a brilliant texture. When it comes to statement pieces then you have to browse your local art galleries where you can buy masterpieces of artists at an affordable price.
Home Décor Tip No.3 Think about a Relaxing Bedroom Our bedroom should be a plan where we can take rest and grab some relaxation and same philosophy is given by Smith, “Your bedroom should be your retreat. It’s a place meant for relaxation and sleeping. Keep everything else out – no work or stress. A-Listers know how important sleep is, and how necessary it is to disconnect from the rest of the world.”
Home Décor Tip No.4 Dressing Room looks Stylish You need to create a closet in your room even if you have a standard room. Many people think that they need to set off a closet only in big and wide room while it is not true. There are many celebrity home where you can see small room with a big closet section. Smith tells, “Functional storage that keeps your clothes organized is a must. You also need great lighting and mirrors to see how you look from every angle,” It is also keep in mind that you need to have a shoe storage section in the closet, if you want to decorate home like a celebrity.
Home Décor Tip No.5 Keep Party in Mind You surely need a stylish small bar in your home. You can set it near to your kitchen or TV lounge. You should arrange the bottles from tallest to shortest in an organized manner. Smith notices, “Whether it’s a fantastic bar cart with all the essentials or a built-out home area, having the trimmings to throw an incredible party is key.”
Home Décor Tip No.6 Create a home Theater Family entertainment is quite essential when it comes to simple or celebrity like home. Many times, people forget this important aspect of their lives. It is good to set up very fascinating home theater system where your guests or family member can spend some fun time. “Comfy seating and a large enough screen—so you never have to leave the comfort of your home to go to the movies—is the foundation of a good home theater,” Smith suggests.
Home Décor Tip No.7 Fix Comfy Area for Workspace A calm and bright workspace is another must of celebrity home. You must make some room for a workspace where you can tackle with your daily work tasks comfortably. Smith guides“Creating an area of your house that’s inspiring and stimulates productivity is major.Natural light in your work area or a quiet corner in your home that allows you to concentrate is key. Whatever it is that you do, having a designated area for it is very important.”
Home Décor Tip No.8 The Design Must Match your Lifestyle You need to design your complete home room by keeping your lifestyle in mind. There is no need to decorate home like a celebrity without taking into consideration your own work or home tasks. Smith says, “When it comes down to decorating, you have to make sure your selections fit with your lifestyle. Think beyond aesthetics: You have to apply a functionality filter to your design decisions. You need a beautiful home that you can live in comfortably without it interfering with your daily life, or making you worry about it getting a little messy.”
Home Décor Tip No.9 Think beyond Time There is no need to follow those home décor trends that would become old in future. You have to choose your furniture items, rugs and other things in such a way that their design will be in not only today but also tomorrow. Smith guides, “make sure your bold design choices are statements pieces that you not only love today, but will still love tomorrow. Pinterest can be very persuasive…design your home while keeping your lifestyle in mind, without getting too caught up in the latest craze.”
Home Décor Tip No.10 Home Design should Reflect Your Personality You need to pick the home décor items that matches more to your own personality and less to your favorite celebrity. You can surely get ideas of home decoration from celebrity home but you can modify them according to your lifestyle and personality. “More than anything else, your home should be a reflection of you and capture the essence of your personality. Infuse it with elements that are special to you and represent what you love,” Smith says.
So, now what are you looking for? Go and decorate home like celebrity by following these expert tips.

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