Celebrity Homes For Sale

The stars, like anyone else, sometimes run into issues with their homes and need to sell. Be it a need to upgrade or downgrade in some cases, these homes typically spend a longer amount of time on the market compared to other single family homes that carry a much smaller price tag. It seems that recent months have seen the real estate boom not quite booming when it comes to celebrity homes for sale too. Celebrity homes for sale include Kenny Chesney, who, in a stroke of blind luck, sold his house for 8.5 mil, which was higher than his asking price of 7.9 million, but Kenny is one of the lucky ones. Some celebrity homes for sale are being relisted at lower prices so that they will sell, since the economy and hence the housing market are somewhat down in recent months. If the numbers are anything to go by, celebrity homes for sale are selling at about the same rate as other real estate in today's market. Celebrity actress, famed for her role in Charmed, Shannon Doherty recently re-listed her house, a prime piece of real estate that is located in Malibu, which boasts about 3400 square feet of living space at a price that is reduced over what she had it listed for last year. Doherty listed her house at 4 million, and last year had it on the market for about 4.4 million. Actress Kirsten Dunst placed her home on the market as well, adding to our list of celebrity homes for sale. Kirsten's house will reportedly be sold off at about 1.7 million. What a bargain for those of you who want your very own celebrity home. Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner was reportedly having some trouble making the sale on his five bedroom home near Larchmont New York, and opted instead to rent it out after it didn't fetch the 1,635,000 that he had asked for it. Apparently even after slashing the price, the house still didn't go, so now, its a rental house, making it's owner a bit more on his monthly income. For those of you who are interested, this celebrity home for sale is bringing in about 7500 a month in rental fees, although we imagine he'd just like to be rid of the place all together. In other celebrity homes for sale news, as recently as two days ago, the Former Secretary of State, Warren Christopher sold his Connecticut farmhouse style beauty, located in Coldwater Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills. The farmhouse type home featured about 3400 odd square feet of living space and retailed for 2.15 million. It was sold to another celeb, the producer Fernando Szew for an admirable price. Rocker Flea apparently wants to drop his own place into the vast pot of celebrity homes for sale. His place, located on the Pacific Coast Highway has about 2700 square feet. Flea is asking 13 million for this one. It must be something worth living in for that price. Celebrity homes for sale seem to be everywhere. For the right price folks, you too could live in the former home of a star.

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