Green Celebrity Home Choices

With more than enough money to spare, celebrities do not have to think twice about the environment. But, nevertheless, they do. Some of the top celebrities in the game are living life with eco-friendly choices and gree homes. Celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Ed Begley Jr. all choose green homes over saving their green. Leonardo DiCaprio has to be one of the most noticed of all eco-friendly celebrities. His home offers a wealth of features aimed at saving the environment and mother Earth. The latest green addition to his home is a $3200 green toilet. The toilet is a combination of celebrity flare and the upper echelon of green technology. Brad Pitt approaches living green is a totally different way than Leonardo DiCaprio. Brad Pitt pays millions of dollars to help other renovate their homes and their lives in a green and eco-friendly manner. Just recently Brad Pitt paid more than $5 million to up and start a green town renovation for charity. And as if this donation was not enough, Brad Pitt and partner, Angelina Jolie, are in the market to buy an island just to promote greener living. The most green of all celebrities has to be Ed Begley Jr. Ed Begley Jr. tops the charts when it comes to changing the way we live in our homes for the sake of nature. From bicycling his way to a perfect piece of toast to competing with his neighbors and friends to have the best energy panels on his homes roof, Ed Begley Jr. lives as close to nature as he can without giving up the four walls of his home. Some celebrities have moved from living the lavish life of excess to living a green, eco-friendly existence. When it comes to gadgets and gizmos for the green home, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Ed Begley Jr are at the top of the green game.

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