The Real Deal Behind Having a Celebrity Home

One of the major contributors to the success of the entertainment industry is the sales from the big screen. Nowadays, movies are becoming competitive in terms of animation, casting, setting and story. Most of us are fond of watching movies because we are amazed by the scenery in the movies that we do not usually see in the real world. We have seen a lot of houses from different movies where the story of the movie revolves. Let's try to know the real deal behind some of the most famous "celebrity homes" setting that already hit the big screen. The setting in any film is chosen carefully so that it matches with what the filmmakers want to convey to the audience at the same time fascinate them. Producers pay generous amounts to as much as $15000 per day depending on how long the shoot would take, on what type of house will be used and also on the homeowner's negotiating capabilities. With this enormous amount paid and the publicity, houses become instant celebrities! Furthermore, having to brush shoulders with the big stars and get to see the live shoot of the movie is a thrilling experience for the owner of these "celebrity homes". Richard Pettler, owner of the house where Bee Season was shot decided to let in the cast and crew of the film after a three-day negotiation. Pettler and his wife were hesitant when they were given a flier about the shoot. They finally decided to say yes after the negotiation and when they realized that the famous Richard Gere will be roaming in their own home. However, it is a different story for Matt Leffers. Having his house in San Francisco opened up for the cast and crew of Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon, has been a big deal. When the film site manager of the movie offered to pay him $2500 per day for intruding in his home, the offer seemed tempting and so he agreed to let them in. Although the amount is a large earning for him, sacrificing his privacy has been one of his regrets.This may be true for Kohle Yohannan whose home is intruded by at least 100 people in the Julia Roberts' movie Mona Lisa Smile but for him it's a matter of preparation and expectation. He states that one has to be ready for anything when one decides to make his home be an instant celebrity. The good thing however is that beyond the tantalizing paychecks are incentives that the owner gets after the shoot. Celebrity homes are returned to the arrangement where it has been found or better yet are improved compared to its original condition. Cleaning and fix-ups are just some of the services you'll be entitled to have. It also becomes a sort of advertising for other producers to rent your place and give a larger payment. This has been a great help for most owners in paying for their mortgages plus they can experience the fun that not all people are privileged enough to experience.

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